Werner Neutral Bent Shaft Paddle


Our Neutral Bent Shaft is designed to alleviate stress and strain on your hands, wrist and forearms when you paddle. This strain is usually caused by a previous injury, over gripping the paddle shaft and can be acute for those who paddle in rough water conditions where five fingers of contact to the shaft must be maintained. The key benefits that are unique to our Neutral Bent Shaft are; natural alignment of the wrist reducing strain and fatigue, stable leverage point during ALL stokes which increases comfort and an advanced grip that fits the natural contour of your hand. The slightly heavier shaft weight, when compared to a straight shaft, is offset by the ergonomic benefits.

Riber 16 Open Canoe


The Riber 16 Open canoe is one of the most affordable canoes on the market; its length and beam (width) make it an exceptionally sturdy craft. That coupled with the 3 layer Polyethylene hull which not only eliminates the need for floatation devices within the boat but massively increase the strength of the hull provide a list of specifications normally found on canoes twice the price. Ideal for family trips or expeditions this canoe is the perfect companion. Made from a robust 3 layer roto-moulded polyethylene this product is built to last!.

*Strong moulded 3 layer PE Hull
*Exceptionally sturdy craft
*Nitrogen blown central layer
*2 moulded carry handles
*Webbed Seats

*Length: 16′ / 486 cm
*Width: 36″ / 92 cm
*Weight: 48 kg
*Capacity: 486 kg
*RRP: £499.00