We’re Having A Change Up!

After 32 years of trading from 204 Frinton Road Nucleus has closed it’s shop in favour of the internet. In the short term the ebay shop nucleusii will be expanded, in the longterm a new internet shop will be built from scratch and will then be connected to our existing website to make it easy to find. This also allows Nucleus more time to concentrate on centre’s, clubs, and groups who can benefit from Derroll’s years of experience. Derroll will still be at the end of the phone to help with any enquiries and if all goes well it should be our existing 01255 812146 number though this is in the hands of the BT gods. From the 11th to 15th you may have to leave a message as Derroll and the team will be hard at work driving between sites , loading and unloading vans. We apologise for the disruption but hopefully we will end up with a faster internet sales service that everyone will appreciate.


We have never had a summer sale before , but due to the bad weather we have too much stock.
So 10% off everything in stock and you can still claim your club discount on top.

P&H Cetus LV

So you could save up to £796.10 on a P&H Cetus HV in kevlar carbon with metallic blue finish, remember it is not about how much you spend , it is how much you save. P.S. this is the most expensive kayak in the shop, we do start from as little as £299 before discount.