What is Happening at Nucleus Watersports!

We are having a bit of a shake up . Pete has now retired, but Michael has arrived back from University just in time to help out for the Summer.  We have therefore decided that we will not be opening Sundays this year as Derroll cannot be in two places at once.  When we say that we are not open, people often think we aren’t working, this however is not true as we have several events lined up including our big Nucleus Watersports Pyranha / Venture / P&H demo for Sunday 7th June at Alton waters. Or if you fancy a day out near Maldon ,  Blackwater Country show on Sunday 21st June.  We also have some smaller demo nights for the clubs , Lowestoft canoe club 9th June ,  Clacton Canoe club 19th June , Colchester canoe club 1st July 2015 , Ipswich canoe club 16th July

A  Mercedes sprinter long wheel base has arrived to replace the old white one, so we can start offering local delivery at sensible prices again. Many customers may not be aware Kayak delivery in the UK has become a nightmare for most Dealers as the big couriers don’t want to take kayaks or canoes as they take up too much space and are too easily damaged in transit. The smaller couriers would like to help but can only make promises for the area in which they operate. They also have smaller vans, so it is essential that we can offer delivery by our own van. We can also deliver over 25kg and any length, so Canadians are no problem though it helps enormously if there is someone to help unload when we deliver.